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720 Saint Michaels Dr. Suite 2-F Santa Fe, NM 87505

Next to Anytime Fitness and Smiths

Store Hours

Monday to Friday12pm  to  7pm

Saturday & Sunday 12pm to 6pm

Palden and Maribel Digkhang

Fitmania offer healthy Meal Prep 

Tibet Cafe offer dine in and take out Asian Cusine at Fitmania

Located at 720 St Michael Dr next to Anytime fitness and Smiths


The founders and owners of Fitmania Meals started the company on June of 2019 with big dreams to grow while serving our busy community in Santa Fe, NM providing a healthy diet while clients focus on their daily activities. 

Palden Digkhang started cooking meals since he was 12 years old at boarding school. With a few other children of the same age, he would prepare meals for the whole boarding students and staff. His passion and dedication for bodybuilding have had him following nutrition guidelines for the past 19 years. He has been prepping his meals since 2010 and meals for his clients for the last 9 years. Mr. Digkhang has worked with clients from all over the world during preparation for bodybuilding and fitness competitions. His clients range from world-class weightlifters to personal trainers, including office workers, teachers, school principals, etc. Mr Digkhang have won 2017 Mr New Mexico and 2017 MID USA. He is working towards competing in 2021 NPC National.

After all his experience, Mr. Digkhang is now ready to expand and serve others with healthy meals which include good control in calories. All meals will have nutrition breakdown and different choices of proteins, carbs, and vegetables. Mr. Digkhang can also work with your nutrition needs - check out his personal training service at Palden Fitness Service tab.

Maribel was born in Mexico and she brings a different style of cooking to Fitmania. She has been working as Paralegal for a well-known Immigration Law Firm. She’s the rock and the strong support of this family business.

Together, Mr. and Mrs. Digkhang, have two beautiful kids; Tashi and Luna. They both share the love for athletic activities. They have been the food tasters and have been providing the best feedback. Like everyone says; if kids like to eat something healthy anyone sure will. We are also getting feedback from our current clients and open to any feedback and comments.


For questions about any of our products, or help with placing your order, don't hesitate to contact us:

Email:  /  Phone:  505-227-5400

hablamos español - por favor llame  505-795-9738

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