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Palden Fitness Services

Personal Training 
Personal Trainer at Santa Fe Spa. I have been Personal training for the past 15years. I have worked with different ages from 15 years old up to 75 years young.  I have trained clients who are just stepping in the gym for the first time to Clients that been going to the gym for long time and wants to Compete.
Contact Palden at 505-227-5400

Online Coaching
Anyone trying to lose body fats and add some muscle.
Customized nutrition, Workout, weekly or Bi-weekly Check in and analyzed, update nutrition as needed. Unlimited question answering via text message, calls and email. 
$150 for month

$700 for 6 Months 

$1200 for Year

General Online Contest Preparation Plan 

  • 12-14 weeks Contest preparation - Depend on your staring point could be longer
  • Consists of customized nutrition, supplement , Workout, and Cardio. Bi Weekly Picture update, unlimited question answering via text message and email. 
  • 4 - 30 mins Posing session - at Santa Fe Spa on Saturday . You need to Pay Gym Entrance fee 
  • $1000 Package Price
  • Without Posing $800 Package Price
Contest Preparation for Local Competitors 
One on one full-Service Contest Preparation 
       15 weeks Contest Preparation with Personal Training 3 times week 
  • Personal Training 3 times per week for 14 weeks plus peak week 
  • Customized nutrition, supplement, workout, and Cardio.  Bi-weekly assessments at Santa Fe Spa Gym, unlimited question answering via call, text message or email.
  • 6 - 40 mins Posing session 
  • On Show date I will assist during the New Mexico show or on phone for out of State Shows.
  • $4,500 Package Price pay in full or 4 payments of $1200
  • If you need to add extra days - discount on per session 



One on One Posing Session
 6- 40 minutes posing sessions 
 - Men's and Women Bodybuilding 
 - Men's or Women Physique 
 - Men's Classic Physique 
   Posing Session at Santa Fe Spa after 1 pm on Saturday 
   * $500 Package price Plus Gym Entrance fee if not member at Santa Fe Spa  
  * $100 for one 60mins session -Plus Gym Entrance fee if not a member at Santa Fe Spa 
Payment = Cash or PayPal or Zelle or Venmo
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